How to Put Data Back to Work in a Post-Facebook World

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Facebook's dropping of third-party data sources has a lot of brands asking the question

Are we prepared to advertise with only first-party data?



The removal of partner categories from Facebook's ad platform has sent many advertisers reeling. Where before Facebook allowed you to import third-party audience targeting data to maximally optimize your ad campaigns, now many are feeling left in the dust by a platform trying anything to correct its past mistakes.

So what does this mean for your brand? First, it means that if you invest heavily in Facebook as an ad platform that your ads will now have a much smaller, less targeted reach. This might not be a hurdle for larger brands that have millions of followers already, but for smaller brands still building their audience this can be a major roadblock to seeing returns on ad spend. Second, it means that your ad spend on Facebook will no longer go as far as it has in the past. Facebook's proprietary audience data is sold on an auction and now that they have removed all competition, Facebook finds itself holding all the cards while everyone vies for the same set of vital user data. This results in fewer advertisers getting access and skyrocketing costs for those who do. Third, it means that in order to expand your reach on the Facebook platform your brand will have to invest heavily in first-party data collection - something that many digitally native brands may not have the budget or expertise to invest in. This presents a problem for many burgeoning online brands - how do we expand in this new post-third-party data world?

This presents a problem for many burgeoning online brands - how do we expand in this new post-third-party data world?

Here at FieldTest we believe that third party data driven targeting is an important part of growing your digital brand and achieving advertising wins. That's why we have baked it into our ad platform. With the FieldTest platform you just log in, set up your ad campaign and let us provide you with the capabilities to target audience segments custom tailored to your campaign needs. We have access to 135 data vendors and tens of thousands of audience segments, meaning you have the power to target only the people most likely to want to engage with your ads. In past campaigns we have seen third-party data used to drive impressive conversions for clients in a wide range of clients ranging from finance to education, from health and beauty to cannabis. One health and beauty campaign saw conversion rates increase 50% after adjustments made thanks to third party data insight. Combine all of this with our access to 53 ad exchanges - meaning we can get your ads on virtually any site anywhere across the open web - and you'll find your ad spend put to much better use than in the new, overly-competitive Facebook environment. At FieldTest, we ensure that you have all the tools at your disposal to achieve campaign successes.

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