Month After Month, FieldTest Clients Continue to Come Back for More

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Over the past few years, a growing number of businesses have come to rely on FieldTest as a long-term solution for brand growth. In fact, more than 80% of our new customers renew with us every month, and some of our loyal customers have been with us since the launch of our Platform. We offer a service far beyond digital media buying; we’re not afraid to measure results, in both sales and revenue. Our most powerful client metrics are CPA and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and we work to improve those results for our customers every month.

Clients love us because we provide a reliable and scalable source of conversions. One perfect example of this is SiO Beauty. When they came to FieldTest to promote their line of overnight beauty products, we knew we had met a perfect candidate for our content amplification platform. Our ability to effectively amplify their best earned media as ads allowed us to deliver higher rates of conversion and lower CPAs than any other vendor they had worked with. Over a year later, they remain one of our longest running customers, increasing their spends with us each month.

“Clients love us because we provide a reliable and scalable source of conversions”

SiO's campaign began with a simple test buy of $5k over three weeks around the early holiday season in Q4 2017. In this time we targeted broad beauty audiences on a host of top premium publishers with a seasonal sale offer. By the end of the short test campaign period, we were already approaching 100% ROAS. Impressed by these results, SiO renewed for the first time for a similar budget over the next three weeks.

The learnings from the test campaign were essential to the effective optimizations we made in the second leg of SiO's campaign. With the consumer intent model gathered during the first run, the data groundwork was laid for our continued optimization. Basing our targeting on concrete data learnings is key to our strategy, and by the end of the second campaign, we delivered an increase in revenue of 281% over the prior campaign, crossing over the 100% ROAS line. This made the client happy enough to sign back up yet again, but with a 300% budget increase. It was time to kick their campaign into high gear.

Our optimization model works best when funded at levels that allow us to experiment and with the budgetary reigns removed, we were free to test new approaches. Taking analytics data from SiO's Facebook campaigns and using it to target a cohort of customers who were already engaged in their content made it possible to map out existing customer behaviors to everyone's benefit. This data provided a key insight that we were able to utilize this trend has continued for as long as the campaign has continued to run.

“Our optimization model works best when funded at levels that allow us to experiment”

Our optimization capabilities are supported by unique technology that allows us to fine tune bidding across a vast array of dimensions, including behavioral targets, geography, site, ad position, device, browser, time of day, day of week, and much more. We use this tech to ensure that our clients aren’t paying for inventory that doesn’t deliver revenue. This discipline helps shave dollars off CPAs and ensures better ROAS. With our ability to capture and model audiences who do perform, we can build Lookalike audiences over time that allow our clients to scale in a cost-effective way, even doubling and tripling their revenues in 60-90 day periods by increasing budgets with us over time. This is critical for our growth-hungry brand partners and something we take very seriously.

For our CPG clients, in particular DTC brands, we have observed that consumers in major urban DMAs respond best to their offerings, so we have developed a proprietary DMA bidding model to ensure early success in campaigns, by focusing on the geos where the highest revenues will be achieved.

But our greatest tool is listening to our customers, who are the best evangelists for their brands. We carefully note their learnings from other platforms, key demographics and target attributes for their buyers, and we build out targeting that will capture those high value consumers for them.

“customers who prepare engageable content and are not afraid to invest in brand growth reliably win customers when they partner with FieldTest.”

In the past three months we have been able to reduce the client’s CPA by 22%, despite the higher CPM costs normally seen in November and December holidays. We helped drive 2500 sales over the past 90 days, with a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 3.7. This ROAS is up 17%  from the prior 90 day period. We accomplished these improvements by working closely with the client to create compelling holiday creative, featuring new client products, focusing in on top performing creatives, sites and placements.

FieldTest's approach is great for driving conversions for all kinds of businesses but is particularly useful for direct to consumer products and subscription model businesses where targeting the perfect customer is the key to success. FieldTest closes that gap by leveraging our access to over 30 data vendors and unique insights as expert advertisers to create an effective strategy for brand growth.  This is the reason we have found that customers who prepare engageable content and are not afraid to invest in brand growth reliably win customers when they partner with FieldTest.

We have perfected the art of content promotion and it really works.

The FieldTest Team