content regret got you down?

Are you shouting into the abyss?  Your content works best when it is actually seen.  Learn how FieldTest delivers your content to important audiences using premium, viewable placements.

Turn content regret into content bliss.

Clickbait. Misleading headlines. Found at the bottom of the page. Placed next to questionable images. Competing for clicks with several other articles. Limited distribution.

Premium placements. Above the fold. Inline with site content. Not in the footer. Beautiful immersive experiences. Distributed everywhere your audience is.


'Native ad' definitions have become hard to pin down. It shouldn't be this confusing, so let's keep it simple. Native ads are content based advertising experiences placed thoughtfully on likeminded websites.

With FieldTest, you are no longer limited about where you place native ads. We allow you to take any ad inventory and turn it into a native placement.

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