How can FieldTest help you?

In an endless field of great products, rise above your competition.

You are a pioneer in the birth of a new industry. There is a land-grab going on out there for consumer awareness and loyalty. The relationships you create with consumers now will affect a lifetime of buying habits. You will never have a greater opportunity than right now to create a loyal customer base.

Increase brand awareness in places that normally reject cannabis advertising.

Cannabis marketing is tough. Many of the usual marketing avenues (ie. Facebook) are not yet at the point where they are welcoming your brand with open arms. When you amplify an earned media article through FieldTest, we secure placement for your brand in a way that is informative, engaging and (most importantly) acceptable to a wide range of publishers that are currently anti-cannabis marketing.

Pinpoint the exact audience that is responding best to your brand.


Our robust attribution tracking allows you to better understand which products are doing well with a specific audience. Test different images, headlines and creatives to see what is getting the best engagement. Optimize best performing demographics like age, gender, household income, geography and more to ensure your budget is always being spent in the best possible place.

Get a detailed customer snapshot and help you predict who new customers will be.


At the completion of each FieldTest campaign, we'll present you with a refined analysis of who your customer is. Even if you already have a good handle on who is buying your product before you start, our technique allows us to identify trends that traditional data systems aren't capable of tracking. When it comes to finding new customers, our proprietary data modeling helps identify where we need to go next to keep your sales trending upwards.

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