Brand Storytelling at Scale – Content Amplification Tools


Brand Storytelling at Scale – Content Amplification Tools

The FieldTest Team · October 6th 2016

When we started FieldTest we wanted to help brands connect to their customers through great content. At IndieClick we had earned acclaim for delivering beautiful high impact display campaigns, but today’s consumers prefer to engage with content over traditional ads. Brands are well aware that strong customer connections are earned through storytelling.

FieldTest combines storytelling and display formats (mobile, desktop, native, in-app) to deliver highly scalable campaigns for brands. We built a powerful suite of content-driven ad units to deliver deep engagement for top of funnel brand builders, and DR units to quickly drive customers to marketer sites for conversion.

To make it easy for marketers to be confident about the content they deployed, we licensed great content from well-known publishers in home, finance, tech, sports, health and lifestyle. We pull in the social history of all our articles, so every article has a social score reflecting past shares on all the major platforms. With a library of more than 1.1 million articles to choose from, it’s easy to quickly select articles to align with your marketing goals. You can pair proven content with content you’ve created to amplify your stories to new audiences. Many of our clients come to us with great video content, or brand blogs with low readership. Our tools allow marketers to pair informative content with our proven articles for amplification.

If you feel like you spend most of your day looking at your mobile device you’re not alone. On average, Americans spend at least 3 hours a day looking at the small screen, and another 2 at our desktops.*In order to find audiences wherever they are on the web, we leverage all of the efficiency and targeting of modern digital buying through an API level integration with the Trade Desk. Behavioral, contextual, intender, device and viewability targeting allow brands to start conversations with exactly the right customers.

Content-powered ads create a safe and immersive way for brands to deliver upper funnel messaging at scale. Our DR tools allow retailers to experiment endlessly with content to convert new customers.

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Garrett Griebel