Declining Facebook Reach Is Squeezing Publisher’s Branded Content Business


Declining Facebook Reach Is Squeezing Publisher’s Branded Content Business

The FieldTest Team · July 2nd 2018

Facebook’s audience targeting has previously helped publishers expand their audience reach outside their own properties but now Declining Facebook Reach is Squeezing Publisher’s Branded Content Business

“[Publishers] now recognize that users coming from the paid channel are more engaged,” said Jared Lansky, Keywee’s chief strategy officer. “Instead of selling a $50,000 deal against your organic distribution, you can sell a quarter-million-dollar deal against Facebook distribution.”

Over the past six months, the amount of money publishers spent to distribute branded content on Facebook has risen dramatically, according to Keywee, a content marketing tool. In the fourth quarter of 2017, spending on branded-content distribution leapt 159 percent year over year. Spending grew 231 percent year over year in the prior quarter, according to Keywee. The company wouldn’t share raw dollar figures associated with the increases.

Here at FieldTest we’ve seen rising CPMs across all Facebook properties. Notably, we’ve seen CPMS in excess of $15 via the Facebook Audience Network. Using our Platform, our clients can enjoy premium inventory across major publishers with audience data targeting and our proprietary data for CPMs under $5. Our partnerships with Content creators, Publishers and Creative agencies have produced some of our most successful campaigns as the great content they produced for clients found new customers via our Platform.

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