Facebook Traffic to News Publishers Declines Again


Facebook Traffic to News Publishers Declines Again

The FieldTest Team · April 17th 2018

Facebook referral traffic continues to decline (as much as 20%) for publishers who previously enjoyed the benefits of the News Feed, according to this Digiday article. FieldTest was built to put your content in front of the right audiences. Our optimization tech ensures that your content will be seen by the right people. FieldTest is the Fourth Platform for marketers, designed for content creators.

Publishers worried about their declining referral traffic should consider running promotional campaigns with FieldTest for their custom content campaigns. With FieldTest amplification, your advertisers will get the new customers they are hoping to attract, and you will get new traffic for your site. Write to sales@fieldtest.la for more info on our new easy-to-use amplification platform.

Garrett Griebel