Finally, Real Protection from Brand Infection for Marketers.


Finally, Real Protection from Brand Infection for Marketers.

The FieldTest Team · March 3rd 2018

Here at FieldTest HQ, we’ve been talking about “Brand Infection”, which we define as the negative effect a brand experiences when accidentally associated with click-bait, horrifying images or headlines posted to get a response, association with inferior website and content that conflicts with brand messaging.

The CMO Council’s Report details the challenges brands are experiencing retaining consumer trust in an automated digital ad buying environment. The Council writes, “What is notable in these findings is that only 34 percent of marketers identified the alienation of core customers as a top area of impact from adjacency as marketers are more focused on the brand’s big picture of reputation and value. However, when consumers were asked about their reaction to seeing the brands they love being associated with inappropriate or questionable content, the answer was clear: Customers will walk away with their wallets—even if it means walking away from their most beloved brands. Brand security and integrity in advertising are not simply reputation issues anymore…they can directly impact the bottom line.”

CMOs aren’t alone in recognizing this challenge. This thoughtful article via AdExchanger shares the results of Hearts & Science’s recent survey on this topic. Not surprisingly, seventy percent of the people surveyed by Hearts & Science said they wouldn’t recommend or purchase from a brand if it appears in the vicinity of nasty or offensive content. Hearts & Science calls this “Negative Reach.”

FieldTest’s platform is built to deliver premium brand experiences for our customers. By focusing on premium placements in traditional spaces and designing a solution that integrates our lessons learned from 3 years of buying programmatically for our own clients, we deliver a safe and profitable experience for brand and consumers to connect. We are offering BETA access to our platform in January. Email for exclusive vouchers to participate.

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