Ignoring Paid Media Is Hurting Your Content Spend

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Ignoring Paid Media is Hurting Your content Spend

The FieldTest Team · October 12th 2018

We all know that advertising and marketing are on a collision course. It's obvious why to anyone who has straddled roles in both worlds. Content creation, traditionally the domain of marketing, works because it builds real relationships with your audience. Conversely advertising works by scaling your message to whatever heights your budget can bear. One obvious touchpoint gaining steam is turning your hard won marketing content into the creative message you are scaling with your paid media. That combination creates a multiplier effect. Marketing agencies would be wise to extend their clients content spend by distributing their content through paid channels.

Jack Neff shed light on this disconnect in his recent Advertising Age Piece "Marketer Content Tripled in Past Year, but Engagement With It Stayed Flat". Highlighting the results of a new marketing analytics and software firm Beckon report which found that of $16 Billion in client spending the portion dedicated to content creation was up 50% year over year. But with all of that budget moving to content consumer engagement has remained flat That's a problem.

Buried in the report is a clue to what's missing: "Beckon's report also found digital media bought programmatically by its clients delivered twice the return on investment of other digital buys". A more balanced strategy and a more efficient spend will be to take your highest performing content and to amplify it using paid media channels.



Garrett Griebel