Looking Beyond Traders to a Creative Led Programmatic Future


Looking Beyond Traders to a Creative Led Programmatic Future

The FieldTest Team · October 12th 2018

Ad tech continues to evolve. It's getting easier, faster, more streamlined. And that's important. But what is equally important is not losing the touch of humanity that is needed to successfully connect a brand with the right customer. The ability to launch a highly-targeted campaign in five minutes doesn't mean that's the total amount of planning that went into the process. Careful thought about messaging, creative images, the audience that it needs to reach...all of these have existed since the dawn of advertising and it will continue to be an integral part as long as there are products and services to advertise.

The same goes for ad tech. When building the tools that make the process easier for buyers and sellers, we cannot afford to be shortsighted on the most important ingredient needed when connecting brands and customers: humanity.

Chad Stoller believes humanity is important when brands use ad tech to reach consumers, as evidenced by his recent AdWeek article. He highlights some great examples of companies that are extending a helping hand to brands looking to add a layer of humanity to their marketing.


Garrett Griebel