Save the Banner, Ditch the Click


Save the Banner, Ditch the Click

The FieldTest Team · October 12th 2018

What is “Display Advertising”, exactly? Well, in our industry, it typically refers to the format that has been around since the dawn of the Internet: banner ads. But think about it...any ad we look at with our eyes (ie. all of them) could rightfully be considered display advertising. So what is it about the banner ad that gets a bad reputation? Well, plainly put, it’s the old kid on the block. And it’s metrics reflect that.

AdAge’s Scott Swanson recently filed a missive that we fully agree with. His main point: “What if the banner isn’t broken at all, but misunderstood?”

A thought provoking question and one that all brands need to reflect upon. Yes, metrics are important. But the amount of importance advertisers place on banner metrics is a bit unfair. The example Swanson gives is apt: the number of people who go make a purchase after viewing a company logo on a billboard in a ballpark can’t be measured, but it’s still important for a lot of brands to advertise there.

FieldTest uses “View-Through Attribution” as one of our key metrics of measuring a successful campaign. This means we are able to tell a client how many people viewed their ad, didn’t click, but went ahead and purchased their product anyway. At the end of the day, a click doesn’t automatically guarantee a purchase. But putting your brand in front of the correct audience definitely does.

Garrett Griebel