The Legally Hazy World of Cannabis Marketing


The Legally Hazy World of Cannabis Marketing

The FieldTest Team · October 12th 2018

“When Lynn Honderd, the co-founder of the popular cannabis developer and distributor Mary’s Medicinals, woke one morning in January 2016, her 20,000 followers had disappeared. Until that point, Mary’s Medicinals posted about its products, shared relevant news articles, and ran paid advertising campaigns. It had even entered into a business agreement with Facebook. Honderd read reports that at least a dozen cannabis businesses across six states lost their branded Facebook pages with no explanation.”

While cannabis is now legal for medical use in more than half of US states, and legal for recreational use in 8 states and the District of Columbia, federal regulations continue to conflict with state mandates. Facebook and Instagram can block or delete marketer accounts overnight to the great detriment of brands who have built those profiles. FieldTest’s Earned Media ad units are especially effective to support marketers in regulated industries. Our campaigns for neutropics companies such as Elysium have driven significant ROI, reinforcing brand messaging through testimonials and third party review. For cannabis companies, our efficient targeting and our cannabis intender technology allow brands to ensure their marketing dollars are well-spent and that they are honoring local regulatory and compliance issues.

Garrett Griebel