Unlocking the Secret of Programmatic Advertising Success


Unlocking the Secret of Programmatic Advertising Success

The FieldTest Team · September 16th 2018

Potential clients often have a lot of good questions about FieldTest’s services.

How long does it take before you see results?

What kind of roas can you deliver?

Is there a limited amount of inventory available?

Can you hit my target cpa?

How much should I spend each month?

When answering these questions we like to share how FieldTest delivers successful campaigns for specific clients we have worked with in beauty, finance, education, home goods and sports. For example, let’s look at one of our beauty clients, where we continue to see their results improve week on week, due to their consistent monthly investment in FieldTest's Programmatic Optimization services. In their third month with us we reduced the CPA by 47%, increased ROAS by 112% and saw purchases increase by 77%.

After four months in, our beauty client has seen ROAS increase by 32%, reduced CPA by a further 28%, bringing our overall CPA across four months to 14% less than our client’s original goal. From the first month in the campaign we saw ROAS increase by 270% and CPA drop 76%.

Viewing this, a clear pattern arises - the longer you invest in building your brand with FieldTest, the more significant the results. Why is this? We have access to all of the exchanges, on virtually any site you can think of. Due to the amazing supply of inventory and the power of audience targeting we can perfect your campaign to deliver the best results.

The first period of the campaign is where we gather key information about who your target customer is. For this particular beauty client the first month is where we begin to find their most lucrative consumer, where we saw revenue being generated after just three days!

In the second month of the campaign we saw revenue increase by 27% along with ROAS increasing by 32% and also reducing the CPA by 27%. This is due to that fact we were able to implement the correct changes and find the right purchaser from the mass of data, thus optimizing the product towards the key audience. Optimizations include looking at which devices work best, what position on a webpage is the customer clicking on your ad unit and which supply vendors are surfacing the right customer, to name a few.

As the campaign continues, weekly blacklist are complied to fine tune towards the optimum sites to display your ad unit. At this point, the data gives the campaign even more power to perform.

FieldTest now has not only learned who our client’s customer is, but we can also close sales through retargeting due to pixel placement over this time.

For some of the brands we work with, time of day, geo, fold positioning and site-specific targeting can drive down CPC and CPA. For this particular client geo was key to reducing the CPA and CPC, with the majority of revenue and clicks largely being driven from California, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Texas. In order to focus on these states we decided to pay more to have the ads displayed in these states. We also saw that mobile was driving similar sales to desktop, but at 47% less CPC, to optimize we reduced what we bid on desktop and increased our bid on mobile.

This is a scenario where patience has proven to be extremely successful in delivering results that outperform our clients goals. This client has just renewed for the 6th month in a row.

FieldTest's first party data on Beauty Consumers now exceeds one million uniques. Our mapped lookalike audience is now greater than five million consumers. Contact us today to get started reaching your customers with sustainable, scalable ROI.

Get it touch to find out how FieldTest can help you mix first and third party data to drive campaign success!

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