Discover the Power of Awareness


Discover the Power of Awareness

The FieldTest Team · May 13th 2019

When it comes to digital marketing, you’ve probably heard the word “awareness” more times than you can count. And while it’s a vague term for many digital marketers, it’s an important step in the funnel that carries huge amounts of value for your brand and messaging.

Not only does awareness foster trust, but it also allows creates an association between the audience and what you happen to be offering them. Sometimes this association goes so far as to replace common words with branded terms. If you need to blow your nose, I’m sure you’ve asked for a Kleenex. Or that time you wanted to learn more about “awareness”, so you Googled it.

You see brand awareness is more than just a step in the funnel – it’s the foundation for the connection you create with your audience. When it’s done right, your customers will create an immediate connection to your product without even noticing it.

Create Positive Connection

If you’re looking to enhance your brand awareness, remember that it’s not always about pounding people over the head with your offerings. In fact, it’s usually the opposite, as the best performing brands create connection with ads that are helpful, upbeat, and authentic. From sports, to food, to facial tissues, the importance of a positive, useful message can go a long way for your brand awareness.

Politics are a great example of the importance of awareness. Think about how quickly you shut down after seeing a run of ads where one candidate bashes another. More often than not, their dirt slinging usually results in throwing away votes. But what if you changed your strategy and offered positive ads that simply encouraged people to vote?

Back in 2018, we worked with Congressman John McNerny during his run for California’s 9th District. Instead of barking at constituents, we created helpful ads that encouraged voter registration and guided people to nearby locations. By making McNerny a helpful “friend” instead of a candidate, we created a loyal following that eventually helped him win handily.

Final Thoughts

Sure, awareness isn’t as glamorous as the consideration or conversion stage, but it’s an invaluable element to successful campaigns and consumer perception. The more effort you put into researching, understanding, and growing this part of the process, the more likely your campaign will increase connection and boost revenue.

Garrett Griebel