Turning Up the Volume on DTC Brand Stories


Turning Up the Volume on DTC Brand Stories

The FieldTest Team · May 2nd 2019

In the world of DTC marketing and advertising, things are always shifting, progressing, and innovating. Trends and fads come and go faster than you can say, “internet advertising.” With all these tidal shifts, your brand story matters more than ever, as it separates you from the competition and allows your company to create genuine customer connection.

Believe us when we tell you that your product has value and it can stand out amidst the most crowded of marketplaces. It just needs the right amplification.

Every Brand Story is Unique, Every Brand has Value

Every brand has an interesting story. More importantly, every brand story has the potential to connect with customers (both new and old), drive sales, and help maintain brand loyalty for the long haul.

We take pride in our ability to work with DTC brands of all shapes and sizes, optimizing story-driven ad campaigns that maximize budgets, find the right audiences, and deliver results. Our amplification techniques and strategies help any brand stand out, which means better connection with the right audiences at exactly the right time.

We hope these mini “success stories” give you a better idea of what we can do to help DTC brands create ads that win fans and generate revenue. From baby mattresses to mushroom coffee, our capabilities allow us to target and scale brand storytelling so DTC companies can experience optimal performance, better campaign results, and a stronger story value.


Since August 2018, we’ve worked with Newton Baby on a series of ad campaigns that have produced exponential results. They came to us with a unique brand story that needed amplification in a category where safety often trumped comfort, convenience, and visual appeal.

We helped turn their beautiful story into an ad narrative that resonated with parents (and maybe the occasional grandparents) who wanted a one-of-a-kind product that blended modern technology and sleep security. By celebrating safety, quality, and comfort, we helped them create ads that sparked a genuine audience connection, eventually leading to consistent monthly growth for impressions, clicks, and ROAS.


In June 2018, Four Sigmatic came to us hoping to find a solution to reliably scale their product success outside of Amazon and iHerb. So we helped them boost their unique brand story, celebrating their mushroom-infused beverages with a hand-tuned ad campaign that would speak to tea lovers (and potential tea lovers) across the Internet.

Immediately after signing up and launching their first ads, Four Sigmatic began seeing sales growth. After just 6 days of running ads created with us, they had already seen their revenue exceed 2X what they spent on ad flight. In our first month working together, their return on ad spend had reached 6X!

Not only did our platform help amplify their fungi-fueled story, but it also increased revenue and allowed them to successfully scale their online sales across the internet.

pact apparel logo.png

Founded in Boulder, Colorado, Pact is a brand with authenticity at their core. In the world of DTC fashion and bedding, they’ve made their mark  with sustainable materials, a love for humanity, and a dedication to making outstanding basics that do minimal harm to the planet. They’re also an excellent example of the success that can happen when you combine a stunning website with a strong sales funnel and the FieldTest platform.

They approached FieldTest in hopes of getting more traction with audiences who hadn’t heard their planet-conscious brand story. So we helped amplify their message with ads that stayed true to their roots, celebrating the characters and charisma that makes this welcoming brand so, well, welcoming.

As part of their sales marketing stack, we played an important role in getting them an assortment of incredible results – including a 200% impressions increase and 1200x ROAS.  Our platform has been a key conversion driver for their latest campaign, including a huge boost in sales for their Earth Day 2019 campaign. With FieldTest in their toolkit, Pact’s line of basics has achieved anything-but-basic results.

Ready to Elevate Your Brand Story?

There’s never been a more exciting time to stand out with your unique brand story. With the right amplification, you can get more visibility, more clicks, and more revenue.

Nobody can tell your story better than you. And it’s time you get that story in front of all the people waiting for it.

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