The Building Blocks of a Successful CBD Campaign


The Building Blocks for CBD Advertising

The FieldTest Team · July 11th 2019

CBD has quickly become one of the hottest trends in the consumer marketplace. Many leading brands are making their mark with hemp-based creams, oils, and pre-rolls that offer a range of relaxing benefits without the psychoactive effects of most cannabis products.  

For budding CBD companies, there’s never been a better time to connect with audiences and grow your brand, as more and more people continue to seek out these soothing new products. Entrepreneurs of all sorts are diving into the CBD mix, but many still can’t find the consumer traction they desire due to the guidelines and restrictions around CBD advertising.

If you want to navigate the challenges of CBD marketing, you need to consider a range of factors – from smart creative and SEO strategies to calculated targeting and beautiful landing pages. Below you’ll find a hit list of important building blocks for your CBD brand. Once you have these components in place, you’ll be able to efficiently scale your advertising and take your company to the next level.


Know Your Audience

When you know your core market, you can create content that best appeals to their wants and desires. If you’re a CBD brand that sells pain-relieving creams and oils, you’ll want to make sure your products are branded and marketed to the people seeking relief. Understanding your audience will lay the foundation for all your creative, from the tone of your landing pages and blogs to the look and feel of your packaging and ads. When you know your key audience, you can create a genuine connection that drives them through the sales funnel with ease.


Get a Digital Creative Agency

The most successful CBD companies build their brands with a savvy digital creative agency. Creative shops like Funkhaus and Studio Good are great examples, as they help CBD brands of all sizes create beautiful packaging, thoughtful designs, and fully-compliant strategies. They also build visually-stunning websites and landing pages that help you stand out in a rapidly growing category.

Spark Up Your Social

The social terrain is tricky for CBD, as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have all placed strict limitations on paid advertising and marketing language. But that shouldn’t stop you from utilizing this powerful tool. Instead of speaking about the products characteristics and details (which often get flagged), use your social as a lifestyle showcase where you can separate your brand from the competition with sharable imagery, inspiring captions, and links to insightful blog posts. With a bit of creativity, social media can become an excellent weapon for your CBD marketing.


Powerful PR

Once you’ve got your identity and visuals in order, you need to get your products and story in front of the right people. PR agencies like KMA will take your brand to the next level with publicity, promotion, and public relations. With so many CBD advertising limitations, placement is paramount, and the guidance of a PR agency will leverage your audience to help grow your brand like never before.

Media Strategy

The marketing playbook is always changing for CBD and cannabis. That’s why it’s vital to have strong marketing strategy and calculated media buy. Full-service marketing agencies like Hawke Media can provide young CBD brands an excellent launch kit, offering a range of customized solutions that jumpstart your marketing and expand your reach while being fully compliant to CBD rules and regulations.

Final Thoughts

The CBD industry is constantly evolving, but with the right foundation you’ll stay on the pulse and ahead of the competition. The recipe is different for every brand and there’s no set format for how you reach customers, so it’s important to pay attention to your data, optimize strategies, and continually test your creative output. With a little patience and the right partnerships, you’ll resonate with consumers and give your brand the ROI it’s been waiting for.

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