Hitting a Home Run with Infield Chatter

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Hitting a Home Run with Infield Chatter

The FieldTest Team · October 12th 2018

Fieldtest demonstrated a great understanding of our objectives and strategies. They were a key ingredient for the successful launch of Major League Baseball Players Association Chatter app.
— Richard White, MLBPA

The Major League Baseball Players Association tapped us to help increase awareness and installs for the launch of their Infield Chatter app during their annual Players Weekend – a yearly event that allows fans a closer look into the world of professional baseball. Their special app would open up a new world for the baseball community, giving them a dynamic platform to share photos, videos, and stories with the players they love most. The only problem was the fans didn’t know about the app, and the MLBPA needed our platform to change that.

With a focus on social, we strategically targeted ads to baseball fans who wanted the inside scoop. Along with eye-catching imagery, we also used actual players in videos and stories to promote the app. Over 75 days, we were able to exponentially increase awareness and downloads, generating over 8,400 installs at a CPI of just $7.61.


iOS: 4,933 Android: 3,481 Total: 8,414

In the end, our campaign successfully helped get the fans closer than ever to their favorite players, raking in 7.6 million impressions on a $77k spend. Call it what you want, but we like to think we knocked it out of the park.


5k iOS Installs - 7.6M Impressions - CPI: $7.61

Mike Trout Instagram video resulted in over 1300 installs

Went from no 1,100 ranking to 126 in iOS Sports category

Garrett Griebel