Brewing Up DTC Success With Four Sigmatic


Brewing Up DTC Success With Four Sigmatic

The FieldTest Team · December 12th 2018

When shopping around for a native platform, we wanted to work alongside a company, not just be another client. Fieldtest has been amazing to work with and our performance speaks for itself. We continue to increase revenue numbers as the Fieldtest team hand-tunes our campaigns for optimal performance. They are extremely easy to work with and have created a platform that is perfect for beginners to advertising experts.
— Jesse Tilner - Growth Marketing Manager - Four Sigmatic

In the highly competitive world of direct to consumer products, it’s all about finding that sweet spot of great storytelling, beautiful design, and perfect ad placement. It also helps having a very unique product that’s both delicious and healthy. So you can imagine our excitement to work with Four Sigmatic and their easy-to-make line of mushroom-infused beverages.

When they came to us, they had experienced mediocre success in certain retail outlets like Amazon and iHerb. But they wanted more, hoping to find a solution to reliably scale that success across the rest of the internet. In order to give everyone the magic of their mushrooms they needed a platform that could work with them to hand-tune their campaigns and optimize their performance. Enter Fieldtest.

Immediately after signing up and launching their first ads, Four Sigmatic began seeing sales growth. After just 6 days of running ads created with us, they had already seen their revenue exceed 2X what they spent on ad flight. In our first month working together, their return on ad spend had reached 6X!

Since June 2018, we’ve helped Four Sigmatic experience exponential performance metrics. Their display advertising made 5,119 sales at an average rate of $68.54 per sale for a total of $350k revenue. Not bad for a small tea brand whose primary audience is more into the fungi side of life.

With our platform they successfully scaled their online sales across the internet, expanding their growth and winning many new tea-lovers along the way. It’s also proof that our ad platform can effectively brew up revenue and performance for any size client – whether you’re a budding startup or an established mega brand.

Garrett Griebel