We Put a Fresh Shine on Beauty Content


We Put a Fresh Shine on Beauty Content

The FieldTest Team · April 9th 2019

When SIO Beauty came to FieldTest to promote their line of overnight beauty products, we knew they’d be perfect for our content amplification platform. With specialized audience targeting and earned media amplification, we were able to get their product in front of the right fans and give their brand connectivity a fresh makeover.

After our first month of working together, we heard that our CPA was better than Steelhouse or Outbrain results. We were able to test as many as twenty creative variations and data targets simultaneously and to be extremely nimble with optimizations. Our work paid off with a consistently low CPA and high ROAS for SIO.

Each month we work with the client to support their seasonal initiatives, product expansions, social programs, PR amplification and new ideas. With SIO, as with many of our DTC clients, we see increased purchasing from major DMAS in California, Florida, Texas and New York. We increase bidding in these areas to ensure budget is focused on these opportunities.

Over time we have been able to optimize buying for this client to drive CPAs down to just $33.

Over the past year, SIO has continued its massive growth and success for their subscription beauty products. They remain one of our longest-running customers, continually testing new approaches and increasing their budgets each month.

Peter Luttrell