Movement Building with Jerry McNerney


Movement Building with Jerry McNerney

The FieldTest Team · May 1st 2019

For political campaigns and organizations, the digital realm has opened new and exciting ways to reach potential voters beyond the rallies, baby kissing, and fundraisers. On-the-ground tactics are an essential part of every campaign, but thanks to FieldTest, politicians can take their reach even further with increased voter connectivity and valuable campaign data.

We know the use of digital advertising has completely changed the political landscape – especially since U.S. adults now spend an average of 6 hours per day with digital media. In the political world, it’s paramount that you get your message to the right voters at exactly the right time, making them aware of your campaign platform in the places they visit most. So when Congressman Jerry McNerney came to us looking for help with his 2018 campaign we knew we had all the right tools to make his run for California’s 9th District a success on all levels.

For the McNerney campaign, we created a series of ads to boost Hispanic outreach and increase voter activation. Because we have extensive access to resources and analytics databases, we were able to place these ads exactly where they needed to be.

We carefully analyzed sophisticated proprietary data made up of proven politically active intenders and used this valuable information to target key potential voters in the local constituency. Our access to comprehensive voter data and audience segments allowed us to know McNerney’s voters right from the get-go.

The results of our work with the McNerney campaign speak for themselves. Voter engagement had 694K impressions and over 800 clicks, while his Hispanic outreach had a CTA of 0.21% and 478 clicks.

We also ran our series of ad units in Spanish, some of which achieved over 7,000 impressions and a CPC of 0.34%.

In the end, our work with the campaign helped McNerney reach an army of voters who would eventually lead his team to a landslide victory for the 9th District.

Garrett Griebel