Soaring to Scale in the CBD Space with Sagely Naturals


Soaring to Scale in the CBD Space with Sagely Naturals

The FieldTest Team · May 22nd 2019

FieldTest Co-founder Heather met Sagely Naturals Co-founder and CMO, Kerrigan Behrans, at a Bonfire Ventures dinner in Santa Monica, and she immediately knew she could help get those powerful CBD products in front of the right people.

We started out with a focus on women over 50 in pain. We strategically targeted specific women experiencing joint pain, arthritis, and athletic pain, introducing them to the powerful Relief products from Sagely Naturals.

Because we pixel the purchase page for our clients, we were able to see where we were achieving success with creative and targeting. This allowed us to continually fine-tune the campaign to achieve their $30-$40 target CPA and consistently deliver more than 150% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

As Sagely Naturals has extended their product line to include an Anxiety relief offering (called “Tranquility”), FieldTest has added strategic targeting at millennials experiencing anxiety, yoga fatigue, and hiking soreness. And we continue to tune and re-tune these strategies as they release new products.

We are now in our ninth month of renewal with Sagely Naturals.

Garrett Griebel